Welcome to the Gosling lab Page

This is where you can find out about us, what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and where we think we’re heading.

Also, if you’re looking for our very brief Big Five measure or our music preferences test, you’re in the right place…click on the “scales we’ve developed” link.

If you’re looking for a info on our 2011 paper evaluating the validity of data collected using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, check out Michael Buhrmester’s page here and get the paper here.

To find out more about our paper predicting the ambiance of places from facial features of the people who go to them, check out lead author Miriam Redi’s page on the topic.

Pending funding, I hope to recruit a graduate student this Fall. I am particularly interested in someone with a background or experience or interests in architecture, interior design, civil engineering, city planning, or allied fields (that is, someone interested in physical space).