Conference pics

SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) 2007 in Memphis

Symposium: Snap Judgments: Emerging research on quick inferences about others (Chairs: Dana Carney and Daniel Ames)

spsp 07 snap judgments symp 2

From left to right (Alexander Todorov, Daniel Ames, Abigail Marsh, Dana Carney, Sam Gosling).

And a few others: Sanjay Srivastava, Eric Knowles, Lara Kammrath, Bob Hogan, Simine Vazire

spsp 07 sanjay eric laura

bob h and simineSPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) 2006 in Palm Springs

Symposium: Animal Social Psychology revisited: Harnessing the broad and unique benefits of animal research in social and personality psychology (Chair: Gosling)


From left to right (Chris Fraley, Sam Gosling, Amanda Jones, Robert Zajonc, John Capitanio).

ASP (American Society of Primatologists) 2005 in Portland

Symposium: Primate Personality: Past, Present, and Progress? (Chairs: Murray, Weiss, & Gosling)


From left to right (Lynn Fairbanks, Alex Weiss, Stephen Suomi, Sam Gosling, Lindsay Murray, John Capitanio).

Animal Personality Institute invited talk by Dr. Rebecca Ledger (Nov 2004)


From left to right (Jessica Eaves [UT Arlington], Diane Mollaghan, Rebecca Ledger [UBC], Amanda Jones).

ECP 2004 in Groningen

Symposium: Going Beyond Self-reports in Personality Assessment (Chairs: Vazire & Gosling)


From left to right (Simine Vazire, Dan Ozer, Bill Revelle, Dan Mroczek, Sam Gosling, William Fleeson).

SPSP 2004 in Austin

Symposium: Environmental and Behavioral Expression of Personality (Chairs: Brackett & Gosling)

spsp 04 group photo2

From left to right (David Funder, John Mayer, Simine Vazire, John Nezlek, Sam Gosling, Mark Brackett)

SPSP 2003 in Los Angeles

Symposium: Everyday Manifestations of Personality (Chairs: Gosling, Beer, & Robins)


From left to right (Bob Hogan, Sam Gosling, Lew Goldberg, Del Paulhus, Rick Robins, Jenni Beer, Oliver John, P. Jason Rentfrow)

WPA 2003 in Vancouver

Symposium: Less Than Zero Acquaintance (Chair: Paulhus)


From left to right (Del Paulhus [UBC], Simine Vazire, Sam Gosling, Matthias Mehl, P. Jason Rentfrow)

(Part of) My intellectual lineage


Lew Goldberg -> Oliver John -> Sam Gosling -> Jason Rentfrow

My fab colleagues in the social-personality area

Jenni Beer


Marlone Henderson


Bob Josephs

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.10.11 PM

Jamie Pennebaker (he’s the one in the red & white hat, with the gunpowder!)

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 2.11.01 PM

Bill Swann


A tense social/personality faculty meeting, as usual, fraught with frustration and hostility…